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    How can i order your service ?

    Just send an email from our website or directly at with details you have . We will respond as soon as we can.

    How the price is determined ?

    We take into consideration of no of emails you want to send and no of people you want to reach. Based on that we calculate the cost. But rest assure its cheap in terms of market !

    How can i cancel my service ? Is there any extra fees?

    You can cancel it anytime you want . No extra fees !

    How much time it takes to process the order?

    After payment verification it takes 24 Hour to process the order and setup the system. Usually its done within 3-4 hour if there no payment related issues.

    Which payment gateway you accept?

    We accept Paypal , Credit Cards , BTC and any standard payment option present.

    What are the payment periods ?

    We take payments for 6 month periods. If you have custom timeline in mind let us know.


    What metrics should i track for email marketing ?

    The best way to know is to analyze the results. Email marketing statistics should drive your decisions when making adjustments.

    Is there a limit to the number of contacts/emails you can import/export manually?

    No, we do not set a limit.

    What is Open Rate ?

    An open rate is the percentage of clients/people who opened the email from the total number of clients/people who received the email. Having a good email open rate is important and crucial.

    What happens to duplicates?

    Duplicates are ignored by our system.


    Should I Buy an Email List ?

    The answer is no. Remember you are a guest in your customers inbox . Nobody likes uninvited guests . Your target is to promote your product/information to those who are interested or want to know .A purchased list takes that away .

    They don’t have any clue how they got this email and most likely it will end in spam . Your server reputation will be hampered hardly . So don’t go for eye caching sales related to email list.

    Whats the best time and day for sending emails ?

    This is a variable . The time and day totally depends on your information and your clients . Your should your clients better . Testing at different time frame can be way to determine .

    Promotional mails can be sent to special days based on your geo location.

    How can i grow my email subscriber list ?

    A good campaign starts with a good and clean list. Your list should contain  past, current, and prospective customers. Your efforts should be focused on reaching an engaged audience.

    Forms are a great way to grow the list . They offer flexibility to individuals. Embedding forms to your website for visitors is a great way to start. But remember dont bother too much asking visitor for information.

    What are the best practices for email subject lines ?

    There can be many examples for such. Trial what works best for your audience. However, there are some common points that you should take care of

    • Take Consideration of your audience – use terms that they prefer.
    • Keep it short and clean.
    • Give importance into word selection .